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Anfield-Markei Labradors is a joining of Markei Labradors established in 1978 and newly established Anfield Labradors.  We are a family run kennel focusing on quality breeding with an overall goal of bettering the breed we love.  We view Labradors as the ideal family companions - combining a loving, biddable temperament with versatile working abilities.  We have been fortunate to share our lives with other breeds, but for us Labradors are the perfect breed.

Check out of Puppies page to see what we have available.  Please also take a few minutes to read about our breeding programIf you are interested in one of our puppies please e-mail us and we’d be happy to tell you what we have available and/or planned. 

We have puppies coming!  We also have Adults available - see our Puppies page for details.

Breeders of quality show champion Labradors

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Keith & Mary Bestgen - Markei

Chris Bestgen - Anfield


Wichita, KS  USA


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